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Elisa Bortone Yoga by Valerie Teh-3.jpg Namasté!
A couple of years ago I embarked on a journey of discovery to realise my true self. I became aware that I had been spending my life hiding who I really was, oppressed by the feeling that I was never enough. One day I realized that I was tired of hiding and judging myself so harshly and I decided to change my approach to my body, my mind and my life. This is how my Yoga Journey evolved from a simple sporting activity to a dialogue with myself.
Thanks to my practice I started listening to what my body was telling me and that’s when the magic happened;
I discovered something amazing: I’m enough and I’m a human being capable of lots of things.

I’ve stared this blog to share my personal journey, to keep the magic going and spread it all around.

Much love,

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