Careful what you wish for! – How the dream of doing a Yoga Teacher Training became true

Once upon a time a Super Moon Yoga was shining in the sky and I went to a special yoga practice to celebrate this event. That’s how I found myself sitting on a yoga mat with two pieces of paper and a pen in my hands. On one paper I had to write a list of things I wanted to let go of, things that had been holding me back, and on the second paper a list of things I wanted to welcome into my life. And that’s where I wrote down my wish to become a Yoga Teacher.

I placed these two lists under my mat and I started my practice enjoying the Super Moon vibes. We started chanting to the moon and I felt so many vibes going all the way from those papers to my hands at every Ado Mukha Svanasana (downward-facing dog). At the end of the practice I burnt the “let it go” list and taped the “wish list” to the back of my phone.

A few months passed by and I couldn’t stop thinking about my wish every single time I looked at the back of my phone. My life had always been busy; I had too many things to do and no time to dedicate to myself.  But the “wish list” was a constant reminder of what I was hiding in my heart and I decided to start having a look at Yoga Teacher training courses. The more I read about all the intensive courses running around the world, the more I told myself I wasn’t ready and I was crazy to think I could do such a big thing. I was judging myself by very harsh standards. One day, I was talking to my lovely brother over the phone and for the first time I expressed my wish out loud. His reaction was very supportive; he’s always been my best friend! And he said “if you want to do it, just go!”

Then I tested out my idea against all the obstacles I thought would have stopped me, starting with my favourite yoga teacher. I was expecting her to tell me “it’s a nice idea but you’re not ready. Wait a few years and then see”, but what happened was unexpected, she hugged me repeating “yes yes yes”. She really encouraged me throughout and she helped me when it came to choosing a school.

Then it was the turn of my parents. As I live abroad, I was expecting them to be discouraging and to complain about the fact that I would have missed Christmas with my family. Again I was very wrong. They were so supportive and they encouraged me to go and live my dream.

The last obstacle was my job. It would have been almost impossible to ask for so much time off… but I bit the bullet and requested the holiday, and surprisingly it was approved!

It was time to officially start my research. I looked into lots of schools all around the world, but either the timing of the training wasn’t right or I simply wasn’t convinced by online reviews and pictures. After a few weeks I finally found the perfect course for me.

And there I was: no more imagined obstacles left except my fear! I decided to write to the Sampoorna school in Goa and they accepted me onto their programme.

And so began my happy ending, and on my journey to get there I had learnt an important lesson: wishes are one of the most important things in the world. Their energy can change the course of life if you believe! Now I pay attention to my wishes because I don’t want to waste any possibility and I’m very careful what I wish for!

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