Look forward if you want balance in your life – Bakasana (Crow pose)

Bakasana is a challenging posture that requires strong arms, core and wrists and a lot of concentration. But no matter how strong or focused you are, the secret here is to look forward, to find a point in front of you where to focus and to engage your deep Ujjayi Breath!

Bakasana is an example of how practicing Yoga mirrors our perception of life. The way we carry out the pose shows how the mind plays with the body and the connection between the two is fascinating. At first I was skeptical, I thought “if I can’t hold the Crow it is because I am not strong enough!” maybe… The practice showed me that it could also depend on what I am thinking at that precise moment. For some reason I was always looking down because I wanted to check how far I was from the floor and, for this reason, I could not keep the balance for more than three seconds. Once I even looked behind me to check my feet and I immediately lost balance.

However one day I was told to look forward, so I did and suddenly my feet or the distance from the floor were forgotten. Instead I focused on a point in front of me and finally I was able to keep the balance. That’s how it happened for me: with long and deep breaths, the balance was suddenly there. The deeper I could breathe, the better I could keep my mind in the present moment, the longer I could balance.

Practicing this pose, I have realized how focusing on past experiences and present preoccupations was keeping me unbalanced and how bringing my focus forward allowed me to stay balanced in the present moment, which is such a beautiful metaphor of life. When you are up in Crow there is no space for any distraction, just the point in front of you and the rhythm of your breathing, which makes you reach that state of calm mind in the very present moment.

Crow Practice:

  1. Take a few deep breaths in your yogi squat to help you concentrate;
  2. Place your hands on the floor, send your hips to the sky, bend your elbows and place your knees on your armpits;
  3. Find a point of focus in front of you and move onto your tippy toes;
  4. Squeeze your core, shift the body weight on the arms and take one foot off the floor;
  5. Keep focusing on a point in front of you, deepen your breath, squeeze your core and maybe take the second foot off the floor;
  6. Now keep focusing in front of you using your breath: HAPPY BAKASANA!


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