Aerial Yoga Partners Workshop

Come to our Aerial Yoga Partners Workshop for up to 3 hours of Fun, Flying, Laughter and obviously lots of technique. Open to all levels!

Save the date

!Sunday 16th October 2pm-5pm!

DM to avoid booking fees 😉 or Book on Event Brite following this link

After a succesful debut of our Partner Workshop in early June, we are back at it again and thoroughly excited!

Join Coco and Ely at The Lodge Space for a unique Aerial Yoga Partners Workshop at this beautiful Parkside Studio, The Lodge Space, in the centre of Canada Water and Surrey Quays. Have you ever tried Aerial Yoga? Do you love inverting or solely the idea of flying upside down? Do you like to laugh? Whether the answer is Yes or No, we are confident this workshop is for you because Yoga is for everybody and we also have something for everybody, (contraindications aside, please see below). There will be several different elements to the Workshop as we explore ways in which we can support each other in the hammock, try different Asanas (postures) with the aid of another body, and finding new ways to restore the body 

We will be looking at ways we can use props also to enhance our practice, like bricks and bolsters whilst introducing the Philosophy of why we even use props in our practice and how they came about.


Aerial Yoga can be exciting and it has many benefits on our physical and Mental Health. It strengthens and stimulates the circulatory system, boosts the immune system, nourishes the organs and glands above the heart and generally gives your vital organs a break by reversing the effects of gravity. It makes us feel energised and light, whilst sending happy signals to the brain. It relieves pressure from the spine by the process of decompression taking place and contributes to spine health.

And Lastly……

We would love to have absolutely everybody in the space with us but please check the list below for those whom are not recommended for this workshop. This is simply for safety of practice.


• Those uncomfortable with contact as we will be working closely with one-another

• Recent Back or Shoulder Surgery

• Recent Eye Surgery

• Botox within 48 hours

• Pregnancy

• Flying within the past 24 hours as being inverted can cause extreme dizziness and nausea

If you suffer from any of the below it would be best to check with a Doctor before you take part:

• Retinal detachment

• Use of blood clotting medications

• Acute shoulder/Rotator Cuff injuries

• Acute wrist Injuries

• Chronic Back Issues – bulging/herniated/slipped discs

• Fibromyalgia

• Very high or very low blood pressure 

In juxtaposition, Aerial Yoga can be very relieving and healing for those with Sciatica.

With love Ely & Coco

Coco & Ey

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