As Yoga teacher, I help my students to build a good relationship with their own body, advance in their practice and discover their limits and strengths. I aim to provide clear alignment cues and adjustments, ensuring a safe yet challenging practice.

Public Classes @The Lodge Space (Booking available on MindBody):

6:15pm Budokon Yoga

The Budokon Yoga Primary Series is the story of the warrior engaging in the battle against its divided mind, the work between the yogi and the warrior within us to reach the unification of mind, spirit and body.
This very powerful flow consists in slow and controlled movements designed to improve strength, mobility, flexibility and agility. It includes yoga, mobility and animal locomotion.

6:15pm Aerial Yoga Beginners 

Aerial Yoga uses the support of the hammock going through yoga postures and inversions to explore and advance both practices in the air and on the ground. Aerial Yoga is perfect to go out of your comfort zone in a fun and safe way.

7:30pm Aerial Yoga Conditioning 

A fun workout to invigorate body and soul, safely stepping out of your comfort zone. A creative flow of traditional yoga poses using the hammock as a prop to build a powerful and challenging workout, focusing on strengthening and toning the whole body while increasing flexibility and joint mobility. Working against gravity has many benefits such as improving core and postural alignment, range of motion and the natural de-compression of the spine, as well as increasing body awareness and endorphins (which makes you happier).

Private events and 1-2-1 available on request

Please feel free to get in touch! 🙂 

If you would like to bring the Yoga Practice to your workplace or to your home send me a message on Instagram or email me at

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